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July 2005  

AS Consulting's Monthly Newsletter


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Obtaining an image off the internet

The human clock website

Microsoft releases new AntiSpyware Beta

Microsoft now requires verification to
    download updates, etc.

Google's reverse phone number lookup

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Ad-Aware Personal SE (version 1.06)


Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1

    Obtaining an image off the internet

When you are surfing the net, do you ever find an image that would make the perfect desktop wallpaper, or add just the right touch to a document? You can save these images fairly easily to your computer. (Don't forget to check for copyright infringement.) Just follow these instructions...

  • To save as a graphic file for viewing and printing in the My Pictures folder:  Right-click the graphic and then click Save Picture As on the image shortcut menu.
  • To save an image as the wallpaper for your desktop: Right-click the graphic and then click Set as Background on the image shortcut menu.

  Is your computer getting slower?
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McAfee's Stinger, downloadable virus removable tool

The Human Clock Website
This is a great, if not fantastic clock site featuring an interesting way of telling the time through pictures. To view the clock, just click on the "view the clock" picture at the top of the page. Now that takes you to a picture that tells you what time it is. If you scroll down, you can look at the other submissions for that time and can check out those photos as well.

The About section tells you why this clock exists, who runs it, and holds the ever important FAQ on the clock.

News this section fills you in on the site news. The most recent news when I visited was a note about when the site was started (all the way back in 2001) and such.

In the "Submission Gallery" you will find a selection of photos that have recently been submitted in the past months.

You can also submit your own photos to the site and they may be chosen to run as a time on the clock. To find out all the information you need to know before submitting I would check out the section "Submit a Photo".

There is also the "Time Song" database where you can submit song lyrics that have the time in them. You'll find the rules and examples for submissions in this section as well.

And if you scroll to the bottom of the main page you'll find another little gallery of recent photos. The neatest one I saw was a newborn baby on a scale. Check it out!


This item reprinted with permission from Computer Tips & Techniques, Weekly Edition (a free email newsletter available at www.worldstart.com), Copyright 2005 WorldStart, Inc.

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Other Important Downloads:

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0

    Microsoft Releases New AntiSpyware Beta

By now, many of you are familiar with the great program from Microsoft called AntiSpyware. Yes, the back story has all the common threads of a typical Microsoft episode... For years I have been recommending a great program to help rid you of SPAM that gets into your inbox. It was called Giant Company Spam Inspector. Apparently, Giant Company also made a great spyware detector called Giant Company AntiSpyware. It was so great that Microsoft bought the company! They intend to make it available to all verified Microsoft users (more on this in a moment). Although it has been a full featured program for several years, Microsoft put their name on it and called it  Microsoft AntiSpyware, Beta. As they continue to tweak it, they release a newer version. They are now up to Beta 1. Whatever we say about Microsoft, they do make some great products available to us.


If you have a wireless router, remember to enable security!
WEP is good, but WPA is way better.
Feel free to call for assistance.


If your web pages are not loading properly, you may need this download

    Microsoft now requires verification to download updates, etc.

Microsoft has been doing a fairly good job of keeping our software up to date by providing us with the Windows Update web site. As explained above, they have also provided us with some great add-on programs (think updates to Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, TweakUI, PowerPoint Viewer, etc.). But all of that is about to change slightly. Now when you try to download a Microsoft add-on program, or try to use the Windows Update web site, you must first let them verify that your copy of Windows is authentic. The same holds true if you try to update Microsoft Office. The process is fairly painless and mostly transparent, but if you decline the verification- you are out of luck on all the security updates etc. Chalk one up to Microsoft for clamping down on software piracy.


Are you backing up?
These days, a good backup is a must!

      Google reverse phone number lookup

When I was in college at UCSB, I had four other roommates. When the phone bill came, no one ever claimed that those long distance calls were theirs. Our rule was: We would argue about it for a moment and then call the number. Once called, we obviously knew who the number belonged to and that person had to pay the current bill as well as pay for the "info" call. Too bad we didn't have Google back then! If you enter a phone number into a Google search, you get back name, address, driving instructions, a map and a link to the satellite photo described in last month's column. Wow! Note: Google does offer a way for you to "unsubscribe" your number from this service.


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