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Most individuals and businesses do not want to worry about the health of their computers. Instead, computers are just one more tool necessary to get the job done- they should just work. The ease of your computer's use and the integrity of its' data are of primary concern. If something goes wrong with your computer, you want to know that a qualified professional is only a phone call away and able to handle any and all problems. With 35 years of experience and in our 30th year of operation, we have helped clients with new system selection, software and hardware installation, and product support. We are well-versed in all aspects of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and all the way back to DOS, as well as Windows Server. Although we are not MAC consultants, we are fully versed is iOS (iPhone and iPad).

We can handle all network aspects, starting from the ground-up (cabling, system installation, software installation). We can help you with any DSL & Cable Internet access issue and support of peripherals (printers, scanners, mice, modems, routers, etc.).

When you buy a computer system from us, you buy a system completely built by A S Consulting, there will never be a time that you'll have to wait an hour or more for technical support to answer the phone, only to find out that they can't help you, other than to have you return your system (at your expense) - we are technical support. When there is a problem, we come and take care of it ourselves! In addition to the above, we offer a full range of software training services: from one-on-one to group settings. As well as full hardware and software sales (We offer very competitive prices!), consultation and instruction on software or hardware problems, individualized instruction on a wide variety of software applications, and full support of your large or small network (this includes initial consultations, selection of hardware, installation and continuing support). Therefore, should you have a problem, we are very qualified to help get your system back on its' feet in as quick a manner as possible.

One more thing, we speak plain everyday English- not the "computer-ese" that many consultants baffle their clients with!

We look forward to receiving a call from you to talk about your computer needs and how we may help you meet them!

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