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May 2007  

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Microsoft shocker! Windows Live OneCare takes last place!

Do you have a Hewlett Packard peripheral that stopped working?

Lavasoft releases newest version of its award winning software

A funny story about my daughter

Now we know why your cursor freezes up sometimes!

  When was the last time you had your computer cleaned?

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Ad-Aware 2007 is now available! Click the picture to download the latest version now!







Windows Defender

    Microsoft shocker! Windows Live OneCare takes last place!

The testing firm AV-Comparatives.org has released test results for 17 products, based on the products' success with almost half a million sample files. Alone among the products tested, Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare did not qualify for certification; in fact, it did not even reach the levels required for participation in future tests.

You read that last part correctly! Microsoft's product scored so poorly, that it will not even be included in next year's test!  AS Consulting continues to recommend Norton Internet Security 2007.

This information was taken from the May 8, 2007 issue of PC Magazine. Click here for the online article:

  Is your computer getting slower?
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 Is it just acting weird?
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McAfee's Stinger, downloadable virus removable tool

Do you have a Hewlett Packard peripheral that stopped working?

Specifically, has the HP director that controls your peripheral stopped working. The software that controls most HP Printers, Faxes, Scanners and cameras is called HP Director. If your copy of HP Director stopped working it may be Internet Explorer 7! My copy stopped working. When I tried to open it, nothing happened. Apparently, the HP director is made entirely in JavaScript. And when you upgrade from IE6 to IE 7, the HP software stops working. If this happened to you, head on over to the following link for the fix:


  Is your existing system showing its age?
Don't forget, I build my own systems with the highest quality parts available.

If something does go wrong, you won't be speaking to someone in a foreign country, you'll be speaking directly to me!

Other Important Downloads:

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0


Lavasoft releases newest version of its award winning software

There is probably not one of my client's who has not benefited from a spyware scan with Ad-Aware. Lavasoft, parent company of Ad-Aware, has just released Ad-Aware 2007 Free . I love this software so much, that I am going to give them a free plug:

Ad-Aware 2007 Free remains the most popular anti-spyware product for computer users around the world, with nearly one million downloads every week. Our free anti-spyware version provides you with advanced protection against spyware that secretly attaches and takes control of your computer, resulting in aggressive advertising pop-ups, sluggish computer activity, even identity theft through stolen bank details, passwords, and credit card account numbers. If you want real-time scanning capabilities, consider upgrading to Ad-Aware 2007 Plus for real-time protection against spyware, all the time!


If you have a wireless router, remember to enable security!
WEP is good, but WPA is way better.
Feel free to call for assistance.


A funny story about my daughter

This has nothing to do with computers, but I think it is pretty funny!

It was time to replace our toaster oven, and there on the counter sat the shiny new one. I asked my seven year old daughter, Emma, if she would like me to make her some toast in our new machine, to have with breakfast? She said, “No thank you dad, I don’t want toast from that machine-ever.” “Why not”, I asked? “I like my toast light”, she replied. “But I can make you light toast with this new machine”, I said. “No you can’t!”, she added. “What are you talking about”, I asked? In a huff, she walked over to the new toaster oven and, arm outstretched, pointed and said, “See dad? Right there, it says Black & Darker!”


Are you backing up?
These days, a good backup is a must!


If your web pages are not loading properly, you may need this download 


Now we know why your cursor freezes up sometimes!

Once you see this website, you'll never get upset with your cursor when it behaves erratically. Click on the link below, and be sure to move your mouse around and click occasionally. Don't forget to pause every once in a while too. Those cursors get tired!



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If you were holding off getting that new system for the holidays, there is no longer a need to wait!

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