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April 2007  

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Saving Microsoft Outlook's "remembered emails"

Playing DVD's on your computer

How to fix a grainy video image on your favorite portal

How to opt out of SPAM

The first tech support call

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Ad-Aware Personal SE (version 1.06)


Windows Defender

    Saving Microsoft Outlook's "remembered emails"

Those of you who use Microsoft Outlook know that there is a nifty feature called "AutoComplete". When you start typing an email, Outlook will populate the recipient field for you- after you type a few letters. Actually, there are two ways Outlook does this: First there is AutoComplete which gets its information from your contact lists. The AutoComplete feature works as follows: Each time you enter a name, Outlook searches your contacts list and populates the field with possible choices that contain the name you typed. Second, are Outlook's "NickNames",  Outlook saves the email address every time you hand type an email address into the TO: field.

Let's get back on track, we are talking about saving these entries. AutoComplete is easy, there is nothing to save. As long as your Contacts lists are intact, this feature will work- even on a new computer that you imported your information into.  The NickNames feature is a little harder. Outlook stores a file called profilename.nk2 in the following directory (for WinXP): C:\Documents and Settings\username\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Outlook. Substitute users for Documents and Settings in Vista. The profile name is your Outlook profile name, the user name is the same as your Windows login name.

Now if you rely on this NickName list a lot, you should exit Outlook, navigate to the above folder and copy the .NK2 file to a safe location. Better yet, add this file to your daily backup (You are backing up aren't you?)

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McAfee's Stinger, downloadable virus removable tool

    Playing DVD's on your computer

Have you ever tried playing a DVD on your computer? Yeah, I agree, why bother when you have a perfectly good TV and DVD player a few feet away? But there are times when you would want to do this: A student in a college dorm room, bringing your laptop on vacation, or on the plane are a few. Many computers will ship with DVD player software pre-loaded onto your computer. But if you stick a DVD into your computer and nothing happens, you may need to fix this situation. Microsoft (and several third-party vendors) would love to help you out by having you purchase a codec (a specific piece of software) to play DVD's from within Windows Media Player. And, for the $10-$15, that is not a bad choice. But I have a solution for free! Download Media Player Classic from the following site. and you are all set!


When at the site, Choose the .zip version. unzip it the file and you are ready to go!

How to fix a grainy video image on your favorite portal

What's a portal? Any of the sites you visit that aggregate movie listings, news items, the weather, etc. are called portals. Examples would be: Excite, AOL, Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Ask, CNN, MSN on and on. When on these sites, many of my clients have complained that the video picture looks grainy, posterized, or rendered with only a few colors, I have found that many of these problems can be fixed by upgrading Windows Media PlayerMicrosoft is up to version 11, if your player is a little long in the tooth, head on over to: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/default.mspx (Windows Media Player home) and upgrade to the latest version. I'll bet this will fix your problem!

  Is your existing system showing its age?
Don't forget, I build my own systems with the highest quality parts available.

If something does go wrong, you won't be speaking to someone in a foreign country, you'll be speaking directly to me!

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0


How to opt out of SPAM

If only this title were true! Imagine a quick fix and no more SPAM?! Well that isn't exactly going to happen in this article, but I'll get you closer. Just as you can opt out of solicitations on your phone, the Network Advertising Initiative allows you to opt out of email based ads. Obviously, only the members of this organization will comply, but at least you won't get those SPAMs!

Click the link to opt out:



If you have a wireless router, remember to enable security!
WEP is good, but WPA is way better.
Feel free to call for assistance.


The first tech support call

What was the first tech support call like? Click on this link for a hilarious look at a "book consultant" making a tech support call for a new book user having trouble using that newfangled printed book. The video is in another language with subtitles. Hang in there, it's worth every moment!



Are you backing up?
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